Spending Good Times in Batavia Café, Jakarta Special Region

A busy life in Jakarta makes citizens distressed. In this case, the best way to lessen the issue is to visit interesting places like Batavia Café. Located in the Old Town area of Jakarta, the café offers something unique to the guests. Eating delicious foods in a place with a colonial nuance is indeed a distinct experience. The fact is the café has been there since 200 years ago and it becomes the second oldest structure after Fatahillah Museum. Both of the buildings are situated next to each other, after all. That means tourists can visit them one at a time without hassles.

The Nuance
What makes Batavia Café different than others? That’s a serious question. Once the guests enter the room, they can feel a vintage nuance. Many colonial ornaments are included in the room along with a bit modern touch of the interior. In some parts of the walls and pillars, there are some photos of important local heroes and people during the reign of the Dutch. These include the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno. Apart from heroes, some photos of musicians and artists are also seen there. All of these ornaments are indeed mesmerizing, so visitors can eat 

Exploring Batavia Café
In the base floor, there is a lounge, coming with comfortable sofas. Relaxing is indeed quite recommended there. Not to mention there is a small stage, on which local musicians may perform. The live music makes the nuance livelier, for sure. Near to the stage, there is a vintage bar. Despite the small size, it provides a comfortable atmosphere. The name of the bar is Winston Churchill and it had chosen as “the best bar in the world”, by Newsweek. The title was given in 1996, actually. It is safe to say the bar is the main attraction of Batavia Café.

In the next floor, many photos are installed neatly on the wall and pillars. Eating delicious foods in a room with such ornaments indeed becomes a unique experience. Plus, the guests have the chance to witness beautiful scenery from the window. Even Fatahillah Museum is visible from above. With all those features, the café is always crowded. Both locals and foreigners are seen, especially during weekends. In fact, some guests won’t get any seat during holidays. It is because the café is quite popular, so more visitors keep coming over time.

What about the foods? Being a unique café is one thing. However, Batavia Café also has delicious foods! These include Chinese and Western cuisines. Some local foods are also available, including local fried ducks, fermented eggs, fried shrimps, and much more. When it comes to the drinks, people have many options, including wines and beers. Have no worries. The prices are quite affordable. Some foods cost more expensive than others, though. Overall, they are worth the expense.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Batavia Café is situated in Pintu Besar Street 14, Pinangsia Village. Still, it belongs to West Jakarta. As for transportation services, many options are available, including a bus and train. A taxi is also recommended.

Where to Stay

  • Ibis Budget Hotel
  • Zest Hotel
  • Big Hotel
  • Jayakarta Hotel

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