A Fun Recreation Place in North Jakarta – Waterbom Water Park

Families are always looking for new vacation destinations. That means they are into new experiences over time. In this case, there is a recommended recreational tourist spot in North Jakarta. The name is Waterbom. It is actually a water park and it is considered the biggest one in Jakarta Special Region. Many types of water rides are available, so visitors can try them all. Due to its fame and various attractions, more tourists are interested in playing there. Not to mention families want to introduce their kids to fun activities in such water park!

The Nuance
Both fun and serenity become the prime lures in Waterbom. What about the size? Well, it is enormous! The site features numerous types of water rides and facilities. In fact, some gazebos are available, on which the guests can relax. The thing is they must spend money to rent it. For those who love sports, they can play a table tennis! The next question is related to the safety of the water rides. Here is the fact. Those have undergone a tight inspection regularly. Not to mention they were made of high-quality materials.

Exploring Waterbom Water Park
Once tourists reach the water park, they need to undergo a regular inspection or checking. Next, they can reach the locker area and rent one space to store their items. Fortunately, kids would spend less money than adults. As for the tip, it is better to prepare a swimming suit beforehand. Getting wet is inevitable, so everyone should get prepared. Also, it is better to prepare some money, as they are needed for the parking fee, entry fee, and renting a locker. Not to mention the cash would be useful to buy some snacks and drinks later.

Now, it is time to try all water rides! As mentioned before, many options are available, but some of them are considered the most popular ones. For instance, it is Bomlazter, which is an open water slide that comes with tubes. Tourists can choose 3 levels of height, as well. The water slide also features a spill bucket. As the name suggests, it may spill water when get overloaded with it. What’s next? According to regular customers, a water ride called Twisted Zone is also popular. It is also a water slide, but it is considered more challenging.

Many other water rides are available, actually. These include Extreme Zone, Pleasure Pool, Hairvin, Wave Beach, the Lagoon, and Wild River. All of them are worth trying, so visitors should never skip any of them. As for extra tips, it is better to come in working days, as the number of visitors is low. Next, it is related to the safety. Parents should supervise their kids well when trying any water rides. Even though there are lifeguards, parents must not be careless!

Nearby Attractions

  • Angke Mangrove Park
  • Angke Mosque
  • Fatahillah Museum

How to Get There
Waterbom Water Park is located in Pantai Indah Barat Street 1, Kamal Muara Rural Community. It belongs to North Jakarta Actually. From Soekarno-Hatta Airport, travelers can simply take a taxi and head to Pantai Indah Kapuk Area. The parking area is wide and it features a gold course. The water park is located near to it, after all. As for the ticket, it is considered affordable.

Where to Stay

  • Ozone Hotel
  • Nida Rooms Pantai Indah
  • Aston Cengkareng City Hotel
  • Augusta Hotel

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