A Quest in Glodok Chinatown in Jakarta Special Region

Just because Jakarta Special Region is a big city, doesn’t mean it only has huge buildings. In Glodok, tourists can find a Chinatown! Not to mention it becomes a wonderful place for an adventure. The location is in Taman Sari District and it is considered a crowded site, especially among merchants. As the name implies, Glodok Chinatown features numerous Chinese cultures, buildings, and its people. Visitors even can learn a bit of the history of such area. The name derives from the sound of water “grojok-grojok”, as there was a rest area for traders and their horses, drinking water on the site.

The Nuance
Glodok Chinatown is a crowded area with a narrow street. That means visitors would find many people in the area, including the locals and tourists. Still, it is a worthy area to explore, as many delicious foods and unique items are available there. One thing, Muslims need to ensure whether the foods are Halal or not. It is a no brainer. Most of the foods include pork oil and other Chinese-related ingredients. When it comes to the landmark, the most famous ones are Koan-Im Teng Vihara and Lay An Tong traditional medicine store.

Exploring Glodok Chinatown
Many interesting places are available in Glodok Chinatown, and tourists can visit them all. These include a vihara, historical buildings, medicine store, kanaal, old house, church, etc. Plus, the site is also famous for its foods. Many types of culinary are available there, so tourists can try them all. Next, there is Petak Sembilan Market, selling vegetables, fruits, meats, candies, cakes, etc. Their special product is swikee (frog meat)! This location becomes a prime destination for those who love shopping. The prices are cheap, as well. Due to this reason, visitors should carry some money when visiting the Chinatown.

The next attraction is Barongsai Dance. It is a traditional Chinese dance, performed beautifully by the locals. The dancers move from one store to the others along the way in Gloria Alley. Next, tourists should visit the oldest vihara in Jakarta, which is called Dharma Bakti. It is located in Kemenangan Street III and belongs to Glodok Chinatown area. In the past, the name was Koan-Im Teng and it was built in 1650 by Lieutenant Kwee Hoen. As the name suggests, the temple was built to worship Koan-Im Goddess.

The next noticeable vacation spot is Santa Maria de Fatima Church. The structure has a unique and beautiful architecture. Also, it offers an interesting history. According to the locals, the church was a home of a Chinese official. Today, it becomes a famous tourist spot in Glodok Chinatown with its Chinese inscription. Once tourists explore the church, they can continue their adventure by visiting Valnia Bakery, Lau Beijing snack store, Chinese calligraphy artists, and much more!

Nearby Attractions

  • Santa Maria Fatima Church
  • Koan-Im Teng Vihara
  • Toko Merah
  • De Groot Kanaal

How to Get There
Glodok Chinatown is located in Kemenangan Street III, Taman Sari District. Many routes are available for those who take a bus. Actually, it can be simpler if tourists take a taxi from either an airport or train station.

Where to Stay

  • Pancoran Jaya Hotel
  • Mustika Hotel
  • Antoni Hotel
  • Favehotel LTC

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