Textile Museum in West Jakarta, Jakarta Special Region

Tons of museums are available in Jakarta Special Region and all of them are worth a visit. One of the best options is Textile Museum, on which different types of traditional and Batik fabrics are stored. Once tourists get in the museum, they are able to explore those beauties with all of their distinct uniqueness. The location is in Tubun Petamburan Street 4, Tanah Abang Sub-District and it belongs to West Jakarta. At least, there are about 2,350 fabrics stored in the museum. These include 886 Batiks, 819 woven fabrics, and much more. There are even more than a hundred of modern textiles!

The Nuance
In a nutshell, the museum has the function to collect and display numerous works of textiles from all over regions in Indonesia. No wonder, visitors would be presented with various types of fabrics regardless of the colors, motives, and qualities. Some of the fabrics are displayed by hanging, while the others are stored in a glass. All of them are beautiful, indeed. The thing is people need to walk around the museum carefully, as space is a bit cramped. Fortunately, the museum is clean and neat, so it provides a comfortable environment to visitors.

Exploring Textile Museum
Many types of fabrics are available, so the guests would have unlimited options of attractions. Even they can find Lasem and Maduranese Sarong! Apart from witnessing numerous types of textiles and fabrics, some visitors are interested in the history of the building. In the past, it was a private house of French, built in the 19th century. Later, a Turkey’s consulate bought it. Next, it was bought by a doctor named Karel Christian Curq in 1942. After the independence of Indonesia, it became a base of PFP in retaining the nation’s independence. In the end, it became a museum of textiles in 1975, inaugurated by Ali Sadikin.

When it is about Textile Museum, the guests can find numerous facilities inside. For instance, there is Batik Gallery. As the name suggests, the room stores many collections of Batik fabrics, coming from different regions. These include traditional and modern Batik, actually. It is managed by both the museum and Indonesian Batik Society. In fact, the gallery also becomes an inspiration for Pekalongan’s National Batik Museum! The next facility is the natural dye garden, where the guests can find some plants, which are used to colorize fabrics. The size of the garden is about 2000 meters in width.

Once visitors explore those facilities, they can also head to a library. It holds numerous books, related to textiles and fabrics. No wonder, more people are interested in learning about those topics. Thanks to the presence of the library. Not to mention there is a laboratory, which is the place to repair any damaged traditional fabrics. Another facility is the wastra room, where the guests can observe different types of woven machine and equipment from all regions.

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How to Get There
The location is in K.S Tubun Street 4. That means travelers should head to Tanah Abang District, which resides in Central Jakarta. The thing is the museum closes on Monday and holidays, so tourists must come in Tuesday – Sunday.

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